4 Great Hair Pieces to Create a Fabulous Wedding Hair Style

There’s not a bride out there that does not want to look stunning on her wedding day; hence the hours spent looking for the perfect dress venue, accessories, caterer, cake…etc. Of course choosing a hair style and accessories for your big day is no exception. There are various styles which brides-to-be can choose from, however if it’s a volumous, full hairstyle you’re after, using a hair piece to add oomph to your hair may be the way to go. If this is something you’d consider, we’ve helped you out by compiling a list of four amazing hairpieces that you can use to achieve fabulous wedding hair:

1. Chignon hairpiece.
Brides who are looking for a classic and elegant updo should try the Chignon. This popular type of hairstyle can be traced back to Ancient Greece and is commonly worn with accessories such as flowers or ornate hairpins.


There are three types of chignons that are very popular these days—bouffant, side part and sleek chignon. The Bouffant is more retro looking and can easily be created into a fabulous hairstyle using a chignon hairpiece to give extra body to the look. The Side part chignon, on the other hand, has a more dramatic effect and looks better if worn low. Lastly, the sleek chignon is the one to use if it’s a smooth and sophisticated look you’re after.

2. Jawclip hairpiece.
One of the most simplest, yet elegant hairstyles that a bride can opt for is the loose side ponytail. It exudes a romantic and laid-back look which is perfect for beach weddings.


The Jawclip hairpiece is fantastic for brides who want this style, but have thin or short hair. If wanting more of a beachy feel – go for one that has subtle waves.

3. 3/4 Fall hairpiece.
This is a great hairpiece for brides who want to wear their hair down on their big day, but are hesitant because of the ever-common problem of having flat or thin hair. They can easily use a 3/4 fall hairpiece to add more volume and body to their hair.

3-4 Piece

Also a great addition to add body and length for brides who have short hair but want to sport some length on their wedding day.

4. Fringe hairpiece.
If a bride-to-be is not rocking a set of bangs, but is dead set on a wedding hair style with a fringe, then the little less-conventional fringe hairpiece is perfect.


This is another great way of testing whether a fringe would actually suit a face without making the big commitment of cutting your own (after all, getting married is a big enough commitment already without adding your locks to it!)

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