Elegant Silk from Essense of Australia


Prepare yourself to witness stunning collection from Essense of Australia. Their creations are made with exquisite details involving Swarovski crystals, colored beads and beautiful touch of gold, silver and platinum embroidery.

What’s special about this bridal is that they recently released their new collection of two-piece custom gowns, which means the bride is free to choose the matching bodice and skirt. How cool is that?

And now, take a look at this sweet couture beauty, simple, elegant and don’t you think it’s super neat? I’d say it’s ridiculously neat that is so unbelievable.

With store all over the world, such as in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Mexico and others, Contact Essense of Australia today!



2 Responses to “Elegant Silk from Essense of Australia”

  1. F.A.Spangenberg Says:

    Very cool, indeed ;) More selections and you can mix n match :)

  2. natasha Says:

    I love the back of the dress! :)