What is Your Wedding Dress Style?

Milly Ruffle Silk Dress

When you are a bride making plans for your big day, the most important thing that you must get right is the dress. When you are walking down that aisle with everyone looking at you, you want them to be looks of admiration and awe and you want to feel at your best. That is why you should give careful consideration to the style of wedding dress that you want to wear. A popular style in 2011 was ruffles, not the kind that swamp the bride and all around her, but the subtle and sophisticated kind that adds interest to the dress and breaks it up.

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Another style that has been everywhere this year is beading highlights. If you want something that has the sparkle of engagement rings, yet is subtle enough not to overpower the rest of the dress, then make sure that the detailing is really classy. Whether you have it all over the dress, or just on a thin belt or sleeves, it adds a fantastic element of glamour to a wedding dress.

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A very important factor to decide on is whether you want your gown to have sleeves, straps or to be strapless. This can change the essence of the dress and you want to be wearing something that you are comfortable in. If you feel comfortable showing off your neck, then a strapless style may be the one for you, but if you want to add some interest to your upper arms, then some delicate sleeves can do the trick.

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The overall style of your dress should make you feel beautiful and special so that you can enjoy your special day in the best possible way. Some brides go all-out and have a ball-gown type style where the dress balloons outwards from your hips and makes you feel like Cinderella. An alternative to this is to go for a sleek grecian-style dress that hugs your figure and oozes sophistication.

Whatever style you end up going for, shopping for wedding dresses can be the best part of preparing for a wedding, so get ready to have some fun and hopefully you will find the dress of your dreams.

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